Sunday, June 26, 2011

Weekend Positivity

Well, I almost forgot, to be honest...but as always I define the night as ending when I go to sleep, so there is still time!

I am proud of:
  • getting an incomplete grade taken care of.
  • grading exams and returning them in 48 hours.
  • going over a year without engaging in my favorite bad habit (as of June 12th, apparently).
  • doing a crapton of dishes.
  • doing all my laundry today (just finishing up now, but close enough!)

I enjoyed:
  • playing with the cat.
  • taking up a little sewing project, no matter how iffy it turned out.
  • reading (I finished Good Omens and moved onto Guards! Guards!)
  • being incapacitated by bizarrely ticklish things.
  • finally remembering to buy brownie ingredients!

I love:
  • my boyfriend (and his silliness, and his awesomeness).
  • brownies.
  • my kitty, who now poops in the litter box again, not on the floor!
  • being able to set aside my crazy to try new things, and enjoy them.
  • sweet potato fries (without marshmallow dip!).
Take care, all. :)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Weekend Positivity

I have missed a couple of weeks. I was considering dropping the idea altogether, but I reminded myself that being positive is supposed to help with my biggest mental health hangup, self-esteem. Thus, I shall resume (and keep going with as few gaps as possible, I hope!)

I am proud of:
  • keeping my goal weight.
  • coming back and posting here.
  • asking for something I wanted and getting it.
  • cleaning up/revamping the cat's bathroom to encourage her to use it properly.
  • persevering in a very difficult quest to get information about therapy.

I enjoyed:
  • dinners out, particularly the dinner-for-two times.
  • getting to teach again.
  • being fortunate enough to receive a car when I needed one very very much.
  • getting better at taking pictures.
  • road trips to interesting places with nice people.

I love:
  • my boyfriend.
  • my cat.
  • test banks.
  • eggplant parmigiana.
  • calculus.
Take care, all. :)