Sunday, May 22, 2011

Weekend Positivity

This has been a great day, and the week overall has gone pretty well, despite some setbacks. Up way too late, so I'm just going to fire off the positives post and head to bed!

I am proud of:
  • pretty much reaching my weight loss goal.
  • exercising twice this week, on Friday and Saturday (making it exceedingly hard on myself), but I still did it!
  • scheduling (cancelled the first and made another) and going to my first eye doctor appointment ever.
  • picking out some lovely frames and ordering glasses, managing to accidentally haggle a nice discount.
  • staying calm when my car died.

I enjoyed:
  • getting new Words with Friends opponents.
  • amazingly entertaining conversations with my boyfriend.
  • laughing until my face hurt.
  • seeing the world remarkably clearly (take that, astigmatism!)
  • trying a new mmorpg with a friend.

I love:
  • my boyfriend.
  • my life.
  • my cat.
  • pasta.
  • my smartphone.
Take care, all. :)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Weekend Positivity

I am proud of:
  • sticking with the diet, yet again, even on the weekend.
  • exercising twice this week. That makes 5 weeks in a row, excusing myself the best effort of once last week.
  • getting a new perspective on an old issue via talking...I feel better about it now.
  • cleaning my room, the bathrooms, and the kitchen to some extent.
  • making an eye doctor appointment (I expect to be proud of going,'s Monday :P).

I enjoyed:
  • assuaging students' grade concerns (I round up).
  • hearing the vet say that my cat is looking really good.
  • watching Game of Thrones (caught up on the first 4 and am now awaiting the next).
  • sleeping as much as I wanted.
  • cuddling.

I love:
  • my boyfriend.
  • the internet.
  • my cat.
  • fruit! (Fruit is in season, it's exciting).
  • clean things.
Take care, all. :)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Weekend Positivity

I almost forgot! but again, as long as it's posted before I go to bed Sunday, it's a success dammit.

I am proud of:
  • losing a few legitimate pounds, well on my way to my goal.
  • exercising once this week. It's okay that it was only once, because it was a damn busy week.
  • making copies the night before I needed to, so the next day was less rushed.
  • getting all my grades done tonight (two days before the deadline)!
  • opting out of a trip so I could stay home and get work done.

I enjoyed:
  • sleeping until I was done today. 13 hours, woo.
  • simultaneous "love you"s.
  • getting really kind comments from students.
  • Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind on the big tv.
  • getting late night shakes because I wanted chocolate.

I love:
  • chocolate.
  • good people.
  • my kitty.
  • a little alone time once in a while.
  • my boyfriend.

Take care, anyone who happens to be reading. :)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Had some difficulty getting this up tonight, but if it's up before I go to bed on Sunday, I count it a success!

I am proud of:
  • keeping the diet going. It hasn't been perfect, but I haven't given up!
  • exercising twice this week. This was my third good week in a row, which is unprecedented.
  • cleaning my room (to some extent), vacuuming, and doing my laundry.
  • getting some intense review sheets done.
  • not panicking/getting upset when my car's battery was drained and I needed to get to work (we worked it out, because my boyfriend is awesome).

I enjoyed:
  • sleeping in on the weekend.
  • lunch at Panera!
  • riding around a racetrack in my boyfriend's SUV.
  • watching the 8in8 project unfold.
  • getting new clothes in the mail.

I love:

Take care, anyone who happens to be reading. :)