Sunday, January 22, 2012

Weekend Positivity

I am actually starting this on Sunday night, as planned. I am already impressed, you should be too. =P

**Not finished until a few hours into Monday, but hey, still before I went to bed.

I am proud of:

  • keeping up with the dishes, even through baking adventures.
  • keeping up with emails again (it's more difficult than it sounds, and important).
  • beginning a "go through my crap and get rid of stuff" project.
  • making a pretty apple pie people enjoyed.
  • 79 days free of that negative influence I mentioned quitting a while back.

I enjoyed:
  • making apple pie.
  • time with adorable kids.
  • time with my favorite person.
  • having Friday off.
  • playing Words with Friends.

I love:
  • my boyfriend.
  • my kitty.
  • my new giant whiteboard compass.
  • teaching.
  • chocolate.
Take care, all. :)

Monday, January 16, 2012

Holiday Weekend Positivity

Yes, this is Tuesday, but as far as I'm concerned it's late Monday night, and I had Monday off so it's still the weekend. So there!

I am proud of:

  • keeping up with dishes relatively well.
  • making it through a first week of classes intact.
  • keeping up with emails so far.
  • adding things to my task list to keep myself on track with everything I need to do.
  • sticking with a "no kisses" policy that seems to have kept me from getting my boyfriend's illness, although it's been very difficult.

I enjoyed:
  • watching tv and cuddling.
  • having four days off.
  • finishing the main quest in Skyrim (bittersweet though).
  • receiving a new GREEN chair in the mail.
  • making and eating brownies.

I love:
  • my boyfriend.
  • chocolate.
  • days off.
  • my cat, even with her tendency to snuggle when she's done something bad.
  • my awesome electric kettle, and tea.
Take care, all. :)

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Weekend Positivity

I missed two weeks this time. One of them was xmas so I can hardly be blamed for that, and the other I was far away from home visiting family, so I didn't really feel like posting. I won't feel guilty about it, as long as it doesn't keep me from getting back into the back to it now!

I am proud of:

  • exercising.
  • doing laundry.
  • cleaning out my closet of things I don't wear.
  • staying relatively calm when I almost wrecked my second cheesecake, and asking for help.
  • keeping up with the dishes.

I enjoyed:
  • time with family.
  • wii.
  • finishing Night Watch. <3
  • listening to my new car stereo on my loooong car trips.
  • making a cheesecake with a candy cane on it:

I love:
  • my new electric kettle.
  • my boyfriend.
  • my cat.
  • my bed.
  • being home, the place where all those other wonderful things I love are conveniently gathered!
Take care, all! :)