Sunday, March 27, 2011

End-Of-Weekend Positivity

Oops, pushing it further and further into the weekend. But it's still the weekend a little longer!

I am proud of:
  • cleaning the bathroom counter and mirror.
  • making an effort to be more affirmative/assertive when I want something (this is really difficult for me!).
  • finishing something that was better done ASAP, but had a fuzzy deadline I could have put off.
  • catching up on dishes.
  • coming up with a solution in a difficult situation that I feel was more than fair to an individual but not unfair to the rest of the group involved.

I enjoyed:
  • more playing with my shiny new phone...a lot more.
  • specifically on the phone, playing Words with Friends with a couple of people.
  • going to bed early enough to get a good amount of sleep every night!
  • not being ill.
  • chatting with friends online.

I love:
  • snow, even if it is supposed to be spring.
  • getting positive feedback on my tutoring/teaching.
  • having a clean kitchen and bathroom.
  • my cat.
  • my boyfriend.

Take care, anyone who happens to be reading. :)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Weekend Positivity

Well, I'd been doing Fridays, but note how I cleverly switched to "weekend" last time so I had a little more freedom on when to do this. Thus, I didn't forget, I just waited a day. Whether that was convincing enough or not, I'm going to do it now.

I am proud of:
  • making myself rest and finally get over my illness with fever/sore throat/etc., which I had for 5ish days.
  • tutoring (online, so contagiousness was not a problem) despite the illness!
  • extending a couple of my deadlines due to illness, and notifying the affected people *before* the original deadline had passed.
  • cleaning the kitchen.
  • meeting one of my extended deadlines (I intend to meet the other one today).

I enjoyed:
  • dinner out at an awesome restaurant.
  • getting a shiny new phone and playing with it.
  • LOTRO.
  • going without an alarm all week (yay, spring break).
  • being able to wear shorts and skirts in nice weather.

I love:
  • having a clean kitchen.
  • nice spring weather.
  • my kitty, even when she loudly announces that she has brought me a toy mouse at 2:30am, when I have been asleep for an hour.
  • my boyfriend.
  • unrestricted sleep.

Take care, anyone who happens to be reading. :)

Friday, March 11, 2011

Weekend Positivity

Ditching the alliterative title, and going with this until I get some spark of inspiration from the great beyond, or something. I still plan a post on why I am doing these, eventually, but for now I am just going to make sure I keep doing them.

This week...

I am proud of:
  • keeping up with my deadlines for the important things (including the other sub-goal I mentioned last week!).
  • passing my probationary period/getting promoted.
  • coming to a reasonable financial agreement in a situation that had been bothering me.
  • finally finishing a task I'd been avoiding since January.
  • putting my physical manifestation of emotional baggage on ebay, even if it hasn't sold.

I enjoyed:
  • LOTRO.
  • cuddles.
  • getting great feedback on a job well done.
  • talking to awesome friends.
  • having a happy boyfriend.

I love:
  • being (nearly) caught up with dishes.
  • bonus pay!
  • helping people understand math.
  • academic breaks.
  • my boyfriend.

Take care, anyone who happens to be reading. :)

Friday, March 4, 2011

Positives Post

I have no idea how to format this thing, and I don't have a catchy alliterative title for it. (Edit: Hey, "Positives Post" is alliterative! I'll go with that for now.) However, I think the important part is just doing it, for now. I don't promise consistency in future formats, or catchy titles ever.

I think I'll go with things I'm proud of (i.e. things I did that were good, perhaps things that were hard for whatever reason), things I enjoyed (i.e. things that happened to me that I liked, doesn't matter if I caused them), and things I love (this one won't be events, just people/places/objects, I think). I will try for 5 of each, and while I'm sure there will be some repetition, I will try to mix it up.

This week...

I am proud of:
  • breaking down an overwhelming, much-belated task into doable sub-goals, and finishing the first one on time! (The next sub-goal hasn't expired yet.)
  • saying what's in my head when I have been upset. I was upset a lot this week, but that just means I got more practice saying what was wrong and feeling better because of it.
  • showing up and doing the rest of something when I realized I was 30 minutes late for it, instead of canceling the whole thing.
  • getting a very important thing done a full day ahead of time.
  • asking for respect in a situation where I wasn't getting any.

I enjoyed:
  • funny tv shows (particularly How TV Ruined Your Life, episode 3).
  • making (and eating) brownies!
  • time with friends, in person and online.
  • playing with the cat.
  • waking up without an alarm and getting stuff done today.

I love:
  • freshly vacuumed floors.
  • my kitty.
  • my boyfriend.
  • math.
  • brownies.

Take care, anyone who happens to be reading. :)