Monday, August 6, 2012

Summer Vacation Positivity!

So last time (a long, long time ago) I said I wasn't feeling like doing this. After that one, I stopped for a long time. I've actually been doing pretty well overall, and a lot of good things have happened, so I felt like celebrating that today. I am in the middle of a period of two weeks off, going back to work in a week (to a new awesome job!)

I am proud of:
  • getting the job I really wanted!
  • taking on a challenge at work and conquering it.
  • making progress with moving into a new house.
  • moving on from something that really wasn't doing me any good anymore, although it was bittersweet to actually say goodbye.
  • keeping up with the dishes at the new place (always a challenge for me!)

I enjoyed:
  • starting to live at the new place (a very nice house).
  • making devious plots in a game I play with awesome people (our favorite plot will go into action today and I'm excited about it!)
  • being silly with my boyfriend.
  • trips and visits with boyfriend and/or family.
  • re-reading The Hobbit in anticipation of the movie version.

I love:
  • bookshelves.
  • my boyfriend.
  • my kitty.
  • biiiiig windows. :D
  • cool people.
Take care, all. :)

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